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Mozaiek Ensemble – Arabic Delight


Mireille Bittar – vocals
Ayman Hajjmian – double bass
Khalil Khoury – kanun
Modar Salama – percussion and riq
Feras Khouri – piano and arrangements




Even during these hard times, the Arab world still has beautiful people with a rich culture and beautiful music. This deserves attention in the whole world. War plagues but music lives on and musicians do not stop. Some musicians have fled their country and settled in all parts of the world where they are now trying to rebuild their musical dream.
The goal is to bring two worlds together and build bridges between Western and non-Western cultures.
We pursue a more positive image and social cohesion within the multicultural society. In this way we respond to current events, in which the wish for world peace is a utopia. Arabic Delight brings awareness and involvement and results in more knowledge, which in turn leads to more respect, understanding and tolerance for each other’s cultures.
The Mosaic Ensemble brings the audience a positive sound from Syria.

14th of August 2022, at 12:00 – 13:00

Price: Free

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